Apartment living attracts the Millennial generation and older adults. People are attracted to apartment living, in part, because apartments are generally centrally located. Apartments are near public transportation, shopping centers, grocery stores and restaurants.

Make apartment living do more than put a roof over your head

Better yet, there are generally no maintenance costs associated with living in an apartment. Live on the top floor of an apartment building and experience a roof leak, and all you generally have to do is pick up the telephone and call the management or maintenance office.

Although you won’t have to pay to get a problem fixed, when you live in an apartment, you learn about repairs that are typically needed around a home. This makes apartment living more like owning a home than staying with your parents does. If you’re thinking about renting an apartment, you could be making a smart move. Checkout these other ways that apartment living can prepare you for buying and maintaining a house:

  • Gets you accustomed to managing a budget so that you can meet your monthly rent
  • Lets you find out firsthand how important it is to meet your financial obligations. If you don’t pay your rent on time, you could receive an eviction notice.
  • Shows you how not taking care of household appliances can leave you without dish washer, clothes washer, dryer and other conveniences. For example, if you over load a washing machine, you could cause the machine to break or flood. Over load your clothes dryer or not clean out the filter and  you could cause the appliance to over heat. Although you can put in a maintenance request, you may have to go a day or longer without the appliances before they are fixed.
  • Teaches you about the importance of having residential insurance. Many apartments recommend or request that you have renter’s insurance.
  • Is a great way to see what your home will look like if you don’t clean up after yourself. Leave food on the counter, the floor dirty and clothes laying on the floor and you could run out of pants and shirts to wear to work. You could also attract pests into your home.
  • Prepares you to deal with neighbors directly and indirectly. You’ll learn how to communicate with people with diverse interests.

Buy a house could be easier if you start out in an apartment

Living in an apartment can serve as a step toward home ownership. Apartment living makes you aware of residential repairs needed to maintain a property. While you live in an apartment, you can also learn about non-typical repairs, including unexpected appliance breaks.

Other outcomes of apartment living are the chance to learn whether you’re better off living at a property that has uncovered or covered parking. You can also learn how to deal with neighbors, manage pets and accommodate guests. Most of all, apartment living prepares you for the financial responsibility of paying a monthly mortgage.

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