This useful information is often overlooked by most homeowners. Remember after the loss it is too late! Jewelry losses are the number one claim for insurance companies according to Insurance Information Institute. Here are 4 steps to protect your inventory and eliminate worry and stress!


4 Steps on how to add to your home inventory


1. Add the item to your home inventory.

Make sure all new gifts and purchases are added to your home’s inventory as soon as possible.


2. Call your agent or insurance company.

Call your agent or insurance company and inquire as to the limit of your current coverage, what is covered under the policy, and if you need additional limit. Check out the type of loss covered (i.e. lost, stolen, fire, flood or mysterious disappearance) and if you will need what is defined as a floater.

3. Keep records and copies.

Be sure to record all inventory and retain copies. Send receipts of appraised value to insurance company.

4. Heirlooms and antiques.

Most , if not all, antiques and heirlooms must be appraised for dollar value.


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