The aroma of your home can change the mood of all shoppers that enter. Are you selling or buying? Either way, stage a home with one of these scents and feel the mood change and see the sales pitch fly.

Scents that conjure up the comforts of home will put a smile on the face of the buyer, the seller, and the shopper. One way to add fragrance to your home is to boil water with cinnamon sticks. Go one step further and add sliced apples and maybe even a few cloves. This smell will flow through your home and allow each person who enters a moment of childhood memories and a reminder of grandma’s apple pie.

If the smell of cinnamon is not appealing to you, try herbs such as rosemary and thyme boiled with water. Citrus has good staying power too. Use the rind of an orange and/or lemon in the boiling water. These scents are fresh and welcoming. If you are in a pinch, go right outside and find pine or cedar needles, add some bay leaves and nutmeg and boil away. These too will leave a refreshing scent in the air.

They say vinegar will remove just about any smell such as fish, lamb or burnt popcorn. If you have an odor to remove in your home, be sure to leave a dish out in your kitchen with a ½ cup of vinegar in it. If left to its own devices all day, the unwanted smells will neutralize on their own.

Whatever scent you chose, each person that enters will enjoy the aroma, remark about the refreshing scents and for a fleeting moment, consider themselves living in your refreshing environment. That’s a sale!

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