Colder weather means that you’ll be running into a lot of unwelcome pests in your home.  From mice to insects,  many little creepy crawlers will be trying to share space with you.  However, there is one home pest that will be making its presence known that strikes fear into the hearts of many a person; spiders.
Thankfully, there’s a few incredibly easy steps you can take to minimize the chance of having to confront one of these little guys in your home.

Sticky Traps:  While these may not be the most aesthetic approach, they can really help out if you happen to find yourself with a spider infestation on your hands.  There are a multitude of varieties to choose from, and many can be implemented in the out-of-view areas that spiders in your home will tend to congregate in.

Oil Deterrents: Clove, basil, and catnip oil all contain chemicals that are proven spider repellents.  Catnip may be the most convenient to implement, as all you’ll need to do is purchase a live catnip plant for your oil supply.  Bruise the leaves and rub them on surfaces to act as barriers.  Basement windows, door frames, and cabinets are a good place to start.

Vigilance:  Removing spiders and their webs goes a long way in keeping them out of your home.  This may seem like an obvious move, but many people will just remove a spider from their home without exploring the area that they found the spider in.  If you leave the web, you run the risk of having to deal with a spider’s offspring later in the season.

Cut down on insect populations inside your home. Spiders are predatory animals that hunt live prey. Eliminate the prey, and spiders from the outside will move on to areas where food is more plentiful.

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